the diary.

He was a new admission in the college. Everybody around him had already settled into small groups. Shy as he was, he quietly entered the classroom and sat next to a boy, Sameer. A few days later , they couldn’t be seen apart. Everywhere they went , it was Anuj and Sameer toghether.   A short span of time and Anuj still wasn’t noticed nor did he had the courage to strike up a conversation with anybody.

Then one day, due to shuffled places, that girl was given a seat between Anuj and Sameer. She was Mrudul, the most outgoing personality of the college. He felt tensed. After they were introduced ,the three of them turned their attention back to the computer screen. Little did they know , they were going to have the best time of their lives.

“Sameer, Mrudul and Anuj, will you children ever shutup ?? “,irritated ,the teacher called out. They had gained quite a reputation for their mischief and non-stop talking. One would expect Mrudul being a girl to be the one to avoid pranks or forbid the other two from doing so, but she was always the one who most of the times came up with new ones. Anuj liked it. He liked that talkative ,fun loving nature but sometimes he wished she would shutup. But it was noticed by every single person ; the bond they shared. They had a friendship that many smiled lovingly only at the mention about it. Never could the three be seen without one another.

Though the boys were close , Anuj found himself more comfortable around her. She was easy to break the wall and open up to. But for all that anyone may care ,he had opened it for her. He knew he had feelings, he had begin to love her. And for the three of them, they would talk and talk and talk about any topic that came across their mind. With passing time, they realized they were inseparable, they couldn’t be without each other. They never had the need of words to convey their emotions to each other. But as their bond grew, so did his feelings for her. He enjoyed being with her , listening to her stories, supporting her as she came up with new plans to disrupt the normal schedule , her carefree laugh……he loved everything about her. He wished he had the courage to tell her or atleast in the name of a miracle , she might guess it , but it wasn’t supposed to be that way. One day he gathered his courage and typed a text about his love for her, prayed a hundred times and clicked ‘send’. As fate may have it, it was a broken message. An error invaded his love and she received parts of it. She texted him back, asking him to resend the message. He could not do it.

A few years more, they moved to different cities, but at every chance they could get they made sure they met each other. His feelings grew strong with time and age, they accompanied his heartrate everytime he saw her.

‘To this very day, I love her. I wish somehow I could tell her. I still feel like heaven and hell everytime I remember when as we parted she had said that she was always mine to be. Only if she knew that was how I wanted her, forever.’      Mrudul, with tears in her eyes, finished reading what was well hidden all these years. She felt lonely , his diary in her hand, listening as the others chattered in the other room. Anuj had been out for a long time to buy snacks for their get-toghether.

Suddenly , the door opened and Anuj walked in. It took him a few moments to register that it was his diary in her hands. Her tears were clear that she had read it. He froze. For the sake of their friendship , he had been silent and now she knew. He could not utter a word as he looked at her.

Her lips finally moved. “You idiot…. ” was all she managed to whisper as she choked and ran into his arms. His diary finally felt the warmth between them.



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