the other side…

She  smiled as she watched him fuss all over their child. The little boy had been reluctant to get up so early. And even more reluctant to attend school. As she prepared breakfast , the father and son had quite a run around the house getting ready. He combed his hair, dressed him up , packed his bag. As they sat around the table , they noticed it felt empty. “Grandpa and grandma promised they would come home yesterday night.”, the little boy frowned.The couple smiled. Their child had wanted to go on the trip with them, but he wasn’t allowed to miss school.Convincing him had cost them a few ice-creams , a few horse rides and a visit to the zoo. His father then walked him down to the spot where his school bus picked him. He waved him goodbye till the bus made a turn around the corner. He walked back to their home. He had been granted a leave from work today. He had made her take a day off. She was cleaning the table as he walked in.

“Another struggle sending him off to school. Were you like that when you were a kid??”, she laughed. “No , I wasn’t . But maybe you were.” She threw a napkin at him as he laughed and dodged it. She picked up the dishes and arranged them in their proper places. He walked towards her and hugged her from behind. She blushed.”I don’t think you can use the dialogue that someone may see us, can you ?”.They both laughed. “Its been a long span of time since we have had time just for the two of us.”he said as she turned around and looked at him.”I know.” She hugged him back. They were silent for a long time , as they held each other.The morning sunlight filtered through, slowly moving towards where they stood.

“Wake up.”

“Wake up . Its almost midnight.”

She felt someone slap her face.

She woke up startled and saw the man standing in front of her.She had been dreaming again.

”  Get ready fast . You have a customer.”

The man left.  By the sounds of music , she gathered  her placed had buzzed to life.

As she closed the doors behind her, a tear rolled down her cheek, mercilessly dragging down the life she’d dream about everyday.From the day she had been dragged into this, despite the  murk that ripped her soul ,she had never given up hope . One day she would run away and live her dreams. Her dreams would someday seep down to reality. The reality of respect and love.  Her warmth and love faced hatred and lust. She wished one day she would live a life in peace. Her screams would someday find a voice.

She wiped her tears as someone knocked the door.



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