a withered memory

She sat on the stairs waiting for her son. It was noon. The breeze blew along occasionally. The trees were as green as ever , the birds chirped as the shaded shadows danced below.

She was always fond of him. We all knew them well. As a young woman she had  trouble being pregnant. After a long wait of seven years was she blessed with a healthy baby boy. She fondly spoke about the two most loving moments in her life.The day they had known that their chances of having a baby were pretty low.She had been numb the whole day. That night her husband , before he tucked her in, had hugged her as she cried . He had made her promise that she would smile for him .he loved her too deep.he couldn’t bear see her tears. He had promised that he wouldn’t give up hope. She had learned to live but with a smile. And the day as their little son was being born , he had held her hand tight as she fought the pains.

And then as they heard his first cry, he had kissed her forehead. She could never forget the way his eyes conveyed his joy. As she first held her little baby , she felt her tears flow but she was smiling. Smiling, that all their struggle was worth that tiny life in her arms. All their pain , their struggle  , was a blurred memory as their tiny little baby opened its eyes and looked at her. Their tears of joy as he held his father’s finger with his tiny red little fist.  They had a few ups and downs, but their son was what they lived for. From his first little steps , his first word, his mischievous laugh, his cute dimple , every little moment was carved lovingly on the walls of their heart.

A few years later , her husband passed away. They had known he wasn’t going to live, his disease was brutal.They had spent the last few months of his life, being together, remembering old times,always being fond of their son. Every time she wished him good night he said that he loved her, he loved their baby ,he said she was beautiful even with all her wrinkles.He said he was proud of their son. He adored him.
She would smile and hold him till he fell asleep.

After he was gone,  her son had helped her cope with that huge hollow in her life. She had lived for him.Her soul had grown up.But she knew her baby needed her.  And she then had to deal with Alzheimer’s.

As the sun set, I took her into her room. Her son had not yet come home. I promised that I would wake her the moment he came but she had to rest. She had grown weak over the past month. Her breaths had turned shallow.
As she fell asleep, tears rolled down my cheeks. I entered my room and opened his letter. His words stung worse than anything in this world.

‘ I have sent the fees for this month. Do inform if any extra money needed.Thank you.’

His mother would never know the place she thought as her home was an old-age home.
The son she waited for everyday, the only person’s memory she had held on to , was not coming back. She could not remember that everyday she sat waiting for him to return home , everyday he did not come , everyday I promised that he would.

Her Alzheimer’s never proved to be a blessing ,never proved to be a curse.She swung in between, like a dried leaf that floats along with the air, with no particular destination, but all that was left for it was to rest  somewhere on this huge earth faraway from The tree it grew on, faraway that no one would know if it was dead or alive.

A mother had been strong for her baby but her baby was too grown up…….


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