Daily Prompt: Pretend

via Daily Prompt: Pretend


The days of my life were good.Best to be considered in my terms. I was a traveler. A fanatic traveler. Places across the world seem to call out to me and they make me fall in love like no other person ever could. I had friends. I had friends I was close to . And then I had my own internal world of madness, my best friends. We had the best moments together. To be honest , I never looked beyond them. Like I was content on one side of the hedge. I never bothered to look beyond the hedge. Never did a thought cross my mind amidst all the couples that I should have a someone special. Never did my heart beat, sing in any other tune. Because I was a free bird. I had grown to take care of myself. I had grown to learn from all the screaming voices around me that love wasn’t my world. My love lay in in my own people,in my own travels. The carefree girl that I was , never saw you coming.
Never did I see you look at me with eyes that spoke of warmth. Never did I notice the fondness in your smile, the love in your eyes , the longing look that bathed my face , the times when you enjoyed stolen looks  when I wasn’t paying attention. Your attempts to have my time all for yourself.Never did I notice  your increased heartbeats when I walked towards you or the blush on your hot cheeks if by any chance I touched you.
Never did I notice the raging battle that you fought to pour your heart to me.
Never did I know , when did you ever fall in love with me.

I do remember the night , that night you confessed. The night when I felt time stand still, as if forever , all of a sudden. The night when your storm had subsided and mine had aroused. The time when a whole new world had been opened that I knew existed but had never bothered to travel. The only world I had not traveled. The only voice I heard was when you finally uttered my name. The moment when I looked deep into your eyes and there it was , an ocean of your depth of emotions. Your moist eyes had me imagine like a lost fog that was finally clearing itself out. The lost path that you had not dared to walk was finally clear. And I had walked away in time,stumbling , unsure of my sanity, unsure of the path, unsure of the answer you so wanted to hear.
And then the moment, I realized that somewhere all the things that went unnoticed had begun a new life in my heart. A heart that sang a different tune that I found to be pleasant, comforting . I had finally begun to trust comfort. I had finally understood that it felt good to be in love , scary as it was , I decided to walk the path. You had the answer that you were looking for. And I had the smile that no one knew I did.

I remember the moments together. The best time with the best person.You made me laugh , you held me when I cried , you made me feel yours.I had finally found love.
You  still let me be free. But your love had given me a home in the open sky.You let me hold you in your dark hours , you let me walk you through your shadow.

And I do remember the night , you left. You left me like a small bundle of mess in a storm , a storm that would never subside. A storm that had risen in a tender heart that had just known to be in love besides all fears , against all odds. Like a small sapling , pushing from within  a rock as a few drops if dew had seeped through and then when it had broken through the surface did it realize , those were the only drops of dew.

I still cherish when you confessed your love. I wish you would confess if u ever miss me. You traveled far away,  beyond my world, if only your voice could be carried back to my little world , maybe the storm would finally find peace….
She looked up from the script. Someone behind her said “God I always forget at the end that you pretend to be the character. Its not you, it’s not real. Its hard believing its not real. ”  Everybody broke into an applause. She smiled .

Well, the pretense may have some truth, she thought as she walked down the stage.


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