together forever….


The apartment lights were still on. She was working late into the night. She typed furiously as the clock ticked. The coffee had turned cold. A few pages ruffled as the wind blew in through the open window. The music was played at a volume that was barely audible. The screen seemed to burn her eyes. After a long hour of typing and editing, she felt she heard someone stir in her bedroom. He must just be turning over in his sleep, she thought. She removed her spectacles and rubbed her eyes. She reached for the glass of water that seemed to have been emptied hours ago. She got up. She felt stiff. She filled the glass  and removed the dish from the oven. She walked back to her laptop. Leaning back , she stretched herself. It had been a long day. All of a sudden, the bedroom door opened and he walked out. He seemed surprised she was still awake.

“Why are you still awake?”

“Oh honey don’t worry ,I am almost done. Why are you awake?”

“Can’t sleep when you are not there beside me.”

He curled up on the sofa and placed his head in her lap. She kissed him. After a few moments, he fell asleep holding her hand. She ran her fingers through his hair. She always liked the way it felt. Soft and silky. She looked at him for a long time.

They were on a visit to this orphanage when she had first met him. She took a liking for him at first sight. He was a handsome boy who had been very shy then. He had followed her around the orphanage but had run away at every attempt of conversation. During lunch break, she had made him sit beside him. They did hit the comfort zone. It was the most pleasant conversation she ever had. When they were about to leave, he had made sure no one was seeing them and then, lightly kissed her. She had kissed him back. She had promised to meet him every weekend at the orphanage.

And she did. They sometimes had an occasional visit to the park or the zoo or the ice cream parlor. They were his favorite places. They walked hand in hand and talked about everything. It felt lovely watching his expressions as he chattered. Day by day she realized she wanted him in his life. She had grown so fond of him that she couldn’t live without him. She remembered the day she told her parents about it. They were shocked to their very core. They did not want her to, but they finally gave in.About the rest, she did not care.

And then, the most beautiful day of her life arrived.

She signed the papers .

She signed the papers for adoption.

Against raised eyebrows, he was finally hers. He had run into her arms and laughed and cried at the same time when he knew she would be his mother. She had savored the moments when they had first walked into their home for the first time. It was real. They could not have been so happy ever before.

As her son slept peacefully in her lap, she kissed him. They were together. He was with her, she was with him. She felt peace herself.


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