the midnight dawn…



The chill of the winter was enough to last a lifetime. The platform was almost deserted except for a  few stray dogs. One man came walking around the platform at his usual time. The ragged clothes and dust bathed face was enough to repel anybody. He walked down the length  at his own pace , the stray dogs behind him. He seemed to be a regular. He found a corner and made himself as comfortable as he could which was the only option. A couple of the dogs sniffed lovingly.

“Sorry dear, nothing to spare today. We both are going to have a hungry night.” He ran his fingers through their fur as they tried to lick hi face. The moonlight was particularly intense today. They all snuggled together for warmth and for they were the only ones they had. An occasional rustle was the only sound . The night had its own silence that could be heard without even trying to . Used to the circumstances, the man fell asleep.

Somebody was walking with a quick pace and a heavy heart. Well covered from head to foot , no one could tell who the person really was. Maybe it was someone who had lost the way or was trying to find a shelter or some other reason. The moon lit the path. The person had a tiny bundle held close to its chest. As the wind blew, It pulled the bundle closer. Wishing nobody to be around , the person kept walking turning around often. It was difficult to keep going knowing what destination he was about reach. It was hard to keep going knowing the reason he had chosen this particular track for. Suddenly , he felt this had to be it. No one was around. He looked at the bundle in his arms. With one longing look, he placed it down and left. The midnight had ended.

Somewhere , a child bauled. The dogs barked.The man was wide awake. He had never woken up so scared. It took a few seconds to realize the sharp sound was a cry. The shrill was such that it might have well been heard at the next station. He calmed the dogs.He walked towards the edge of the platform. He wished the cry would at some point turn mute. It seemed to pierce everything that got in its way. He looked around and decided he would have to go down the path.A little reluctant as he was,  he did start walking. The dogs followed, thankfully quiet.He neared the spot. The moon seemed to have focused a little more of its light on what seemed to be a bundle.He picked it up. It was a baby not so well wrapped.He looked around. A new born could not have landed all by itself in the middle of a deserted place at such an odd hour. No one was to be seen around. Well, he thought , somebody seemed to have had a purpose to abandon this one. He looked back at the tiny face that screamed in effort. It seemed not to have realized that it was back in someone’s arms. Still crying for the ones that left behind , I suppose , he murmured.What do I do with you little one he thought as he walked back. As he reached back to his corner, the child had stopped crying. It looked frail. The man pulled the bundle closer towards himself. If not hunger, at least I can satisfy your comfort he thought. The child looked at him. As he rocked it to sleep, it suddenly smiled. You trust too easily, little one , I am only going to comfort you for the night, not for life. I don’t have anything to give you.He placed the child beside him. The dogs had already fallen asleep.All of a sudden, just before he could close his eyes, he felt something warm on his finger. The child had its fist closed around his finger. Maybe my dawn has arrived with you, he smiled and pulled it closer. They both did find a family.

The moon slowly faded its light. The midnight had found its dawn.



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