its been a lifetime…


He sat on the bench, under the shade of the tree. The morning sunlight filtered through the leaves. The shadows and little sunlight let out a warm and cool glow at the same time.

The memories flooded through. It sounded like a gushing wind was released which was not meant to. The little boy besides him held his finger. The morning had its own warmth. He looked at the boy beside him. He looked cute as the sunlight kissed his cheek. The boy looked sleepy. He would come every day just because he liked to spend time with the old man. The little boy had expectantly asked him a question. A question unexpected but yet well-known.

He remembered his days when he never seemed to have the strength to move on. The first time when he had failed in an important exam that would have decided his career. The time when he was working hard but did not seem to be getting the results. The day his best friend had moved to a different city or when he had to give up his art to pursue a career. The day when his parents had to move to another house and leave behind the neighborhood where he had grown up. The day he had an accident and there were few chances of recovery, few chances that he would be able to walk again. And that day when he lost his mother all of a sudden.

The day when his the girl he had loved , left him. A certain period of days when he knew he did not have money even for food. He had seen his father cry at the kitchen table, unknown to him. The day when another job added to the list he had failed to get. The day when he had an idea but not the money. The time when the boys around him made fun and girls looked down with disgust at his clothes. The day when the roof was leaking during a heavy pour but there was nothing he could do about it and he had slept with wet blankets. The day when he had first met her but did not have the courage to confess his feelings. The day when his business was not doing well. The nights he had been awake worrying about his future. The nights he had been awake working hard to make his idea a success. A few years later, when his business had lost money and he was back at level zero, when he couldn’t look at his wife as she served dinner.The day they had lost their baby due to miscarriage.The day his father passed after a long term of suffering. The day when his life did not seem to go anywhere. He remembered the time when he wanted to suicide.

There were times when he did not know what to do, he felt lost, he felt he could go no where, he was a loser. He smiled as he came out of his memory world. The little boy had asked him,

”Grandpa, what is life?”.

He smiled because he knew the exact answer to his question. After a lifetime of wandering through shadows and sunlight , he knew the answer. Today , as he sat with his grand child, he then went back in time. He had found the courage to ask the girl he loved, they were married. He had a business that was well recognized. He had two children after they lost their first baby. He had a house with a roof that did not leak. He had money , he could eat a few delicacies now and then. He had what he wanted. Maybe not all as well as he still wished for. But definitely, a huge difference between his past and present. A good difference.

He looked at the little boy. “My little one, life is all about patience. About hope. About not giving up.It is about the ability to wait , the realization that you have to be patient for every big and little change. The sun takes time to rise and to set. You cannot be sad in the evening about wanting to see a sun rise. You have to wait for it. Patience, my dear, for every moment. And the belief, the hope, that times change. That you will , someday, find your destiny, even if at this very moment, you are lost.”

I feel glad to have waited,he thought as they walked back.

I feel good I never gave up.

Its been a lifetime , but its always worth in the end.







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