the dream…

They were friends since college. They had started as lab partners and ended up being life partners. The years seemed to pass by like a blur and yet they had savored every moment like the way a honey drop held on to its surface and  slowly ,then all of a sudden it dives onto your outspread tongue and melts slowly, the taste truly seems like heaven.  They had all kinds of memories together. They laughed , they talked. Sometimes they just held each other. Sometimes they fought , sometimes they understood without having to say. The comfort had gripped them into a tight bond. They shared their childhood memories as they made new ones.

They remembered the day before they had their wedding vows. He had visited her.They talked for about an hour , smiling at what was to come. He had promised to love her forever and she had promised to live their dreams together. He held her gaze as they felt their promises kindling with their hearts, settling for infinity.

Their home was under construction. They visited and walked around every week, deciding how pretty it was going to be. And they would end their tour of delicacy by standing together, hand in hand and watching the sun set behind their house, the paints seemed to have vanished from earth to fancy the sky.And then, he was ill. Towards the end, she had taken full responsibility and forbidden him to visit along with her. He never understood what it meant but never asked. He watched her come and go, describing the details but never allowing him to accompany. He never understood what she had in her mind.

Then that one night ,as the night had begun to fade , she woke him up and asked him to come along with her. He was confused and scared at what could have been so urgent, this early. She drove him , her face had a mixture of expressions as he watched her for a clue all along the drive. Deep in thought and a drowsy mind , he did not notice the route. And then, she hit the brakes. They were in front of their home. The dawn had begun to shower in as midnight slowly elapsed away ; the house had an elegance he had never felt before. “Close your eyes and  come with me.” She held his hand and lead him as he kept his eyes closed. She had lead him towards the backyard,a view well hidden unless walked into. When they stopped she whispered , “I love you.”

His eyes met a beautiful sight. There , perched like a dream , blessed by dawn , was a tree-house. A house that had been a memory he had shared a few years ago, something he did not have as a child but had never left his heart. All grown up, he was happy as a kid.

The leaves had spread as if eager to see the insides, the spiral staircase that led to the trapdoor, the open windows, somewhere made him feel that he was a child that had been waiting. The wait was worth. As nostalgia hit, he couldn’t suppress his smile. The warmth was overwhelming as he held her, he never realized some dreams never needed age to be happy.

She watched him , the gleam in his eyes had all the love.Well, he had something to remember. His illness had no heart.He wouldn’t live long. But he had her.

“And that is my most favorite gift ever.” he said to the little girl listening intently. He looked at his wife, smiling and crying at the same time. They had survived it all. He had lived, he had been cured but he cherished being loved above all.





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